Mounting & Balancing

Due to the large number of extremely low profile tires and very expensive wheels that we encounter and install daily, Eastside Motoring uses several state-of-the-art machines to ensure proper mounting, and perfect balancing , focused on precision and accuracy.


Corgi Touch less tire mounting is accomplished by Eastside Motoring’s Corghi AM26,  and is also used by many car manufactures worldwide. The Italian built AM26 marks a new frontier in the world of tire changers because it eliminates the lever, physical effort, and the precaution and worry about damaging expensive wheels and tires. The unit’s operation is based on a completely new principle, including electronic wheel diameter selection with automatic tool positioning,  and automatic tool head for leverless mounting/demounting. Corghi AM26


Hunter1 Eastside Motoring’s Hunter DSP9700 Wheel Balancer can successfully balance up to 30 inch diameter wheel and tire combinations. Using the Split Spoke technology of this balancer, we can also hide wheel weights behind wheel spokes if the customer desires. Offering the same services as vehicle manufactures, the machine matches the stiffest area or high spot on the tire with the lowest spot on the rim, and will pin-point exactly where to mount the tire on the wheel to ensure the most round shape  (to the .001/inch) to ensure the smoothest possible ride. Hunter tire changers and wheel balancers are used exclusively by the Porsche and BMW factories due to their technological superiority.

Professional Installation: 

hunter 2

Eastside Motoring’s Technicians are all trained and  tested, prior to hiring to ensure only proper installation of your parts. We treat all cars as if they are our own.

Window Tinting

Here at Eastside Motoring, we have over 10 years of window tinting experience in the Boston area. We take great pride in tinting your vehicle, we only use the best materials paired with professional installation. The diagram below displays the optional percentages


Experience & Warranty


We have over 10 years of window tinting experience and will ensure your satisfaction. All window tint is backed witha LIFETIME warranty against all peeling, fading, and bubbling. In addition to providing an A+ installation.

Benefits of Window Tinting:

  • Privacy
  • Blocking of harmful UV rays which can fade your interior
  • Reduction glare in your eyes
  • Cleaner, more uniform look to your car

Vehicle Wrapping

935278_10153585415685167_308795248_nVehicle wrapping, also known as vinyl wrapping is one of the most gratifying things you car do to your car. We take pride in perfecting the art of wrapping a vehicle to the customers color request that otherwise would only be achievable by painting, which would be very expensive, and most importantly irreversible.  Vinyl is a great solution which lasts years!


About 50% of our wrapping jobs are cars which are leased, and must be returned at the end of their term…. But wait, what about the wrap? No Problem! We use only the best vinyl made by 3M, and it is designed to peel right off! Sometimes people “fall out of love” with their car, and instead selling it and buying again, theres nothing better than to spice it up with a new color! Just a few of hundreds listed below.

3m description gloss

Our wrapping installers are rare 3M certified technicians, professionally trained and validated. We take pride in making the vinyl look as if it was paint, with little to no seams. When necessary lamps, and bumpers are removed to ensure proper wrapping, full coverage. We are certain you will be happy with the work.

Stereo installation

A cars stereo can be the heartbeat of your ride, and we want to be sure you will enjoy it. We offer many stereo upgrade solutions from adding a subwoofer, to installing a complete high end system including separate tweets, multiple amplifiers, and custom enclosures.  We can satisfy your needs from flashy, to stealth, depending on the look you are going for.

Our staff can help you select the right equipment to meet your needs. We have expert knowledge on what will sound best based on your vehicles space, and budget.

Our stereo installers are highly qualified, and we guarantee 100% of our work. From in dash navigation installs to complete systems, we promise you will be happy, from start to finish. We can intergrate our systems to work seamless with your OEM head-unit to keep the ultimate stealth look.

Custom Audio Video

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANavigation/DVD players
  • Amplifier/subwoofer combinations
  • Component speakers
  • Custom subwoofer enclosures
  • iPod integration

Radar Detection

  • Hardwired unitsescort-radar-detector
  • Integrated, non-visible units
  • Radar/laser defense systems

Alarm/Remote Start

  • remote_starters2-way systems
  • Mile-range available
  • Get into a warm car on a cold morning



Your car looks great but does it perform well? We can make it run better and faster. We can effectively increase you engine’s horsepower by providing you with custom exhaust, forced induction, engine internals, cold-air intakes, and of course, ECU flashing. We are one of APR’s premier installers for VW Audi and Porsche, so ask about it!

For better handling, we offer lowering spring kits, sport shocks and struts, and full coilover suspension kits. Even strut bars, sway bars, and performance bushings. For cars with factory air suspension, we have lowering modules with adjustable ride heaight at the touch of a button. All name brands and aplications available, and all installations are performed on premises.

Better braking is what we all strive for. We can upgrade your factory system with drilled and slotted rotors, paired up with high-performance brake pads, or we can install larger rotors and calipers (known as a Big Brake Kit).


  • kwclubsportgtrShock/strut replacement
  • Lowering springs
  • Sway/strut bars
  • Electronic airbag modules
  • Full coilover kits

Custom Exhaust

  • cls6365amg_01Competitive pricing
  • All major brands available
  • Free-flowing for more HP and better gas mileage!


Engine Tuning

  • APR Engine tuning in-house: VW, Audi, Porscheapr-motorsport-3d-color-black
  • ECU upgrades


  • Drilled and slotted rotorsmodp_1105_1_o+breaking_bbk+brembo_brakes
  • High-performance brake pads
  • Big brake kits

Vehicle Painting

Do you have damage to your vehicle? Eastside Motoring can help! We are able to assist you to repair your car no matter how bad it is, to get it back to original condition. We do work with insurance companies for your convenience. We take pride in professional painting, dent repair, damaged bumper repair, replacing mirrors, panels, lamps, hoods, ETC. We use only premium paints and clear-coats that the vehicles manufacturer would use to ensure proper paint matching and texture.